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Microsoft 365

Business class collaboration tools

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive suite of productivity, collaboration, and security solutions specifically designed for businesses of all sizes. With Microsoft 365, businesses can easily create, manage, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files from anywhere.


Empower your company with new possibilities

Modern and intuitive set of tools

Microsoft 365 provides a wide range of innovative and easy to use collaboration tools to help teams work together efficiently and effectively. Microsoft 365 suite can replace multiple different 3rd party subscriptions and provide the required functionality from one place and using single user identity. This is convenient for users and businesses too.

Microsoft 365 innovative tools

Host online meetings, presentations and video conferences

Sync your desktop, documents and pictures to cloud storage and never loose your data again

Enterprise grade e-mail and calendar functions with your own domain

Work in apps that you know on up to 5 different devices

Manage appointments with your customers and provide them options to book your services

Centralize company chat into single application

Collaboration made easy

Microsoft 365 enables teams to work together from anywhere and anytime. With Microsoft 365, you can easily share documents, co-author documents, and collaborate on projects with your colleagues and customers. It’s the perfect way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working together to achieve the same goals. You can easily manage and keep track of projects, tasks, and deadlines. It’s the ideal platform to help make collaboration easier, faster, and more secure.

Collaboration made easy

Encourage creativity and enable users to collaborate on documents in real-time

Always the fastest access to your data, no matter if you are in office or travelling

Create, edit and share documents within your company or with approved partners

Say good-bye to documents sent via e-mail attachments

Leverage enterprise grade search across all your company data

Be prepared for new challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the way people work, with many businesses and organizations shifting to remote work or adopting new policies and procedures to protect their employees. Is your business prepared for new challenges?

Reshape the way you treat your IT

Empower remote work and prepare your IT for next challenge

Make your devices replaceable and don´t rely on data stored on them

Don´t pay for services and products you don´t need and optimize your investments

Stay compliant with industry standards and legislation

Find the right balance between your on-premises environment and cloud

Innovate faster than your competition

The increasing adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning is expected to have a major impact on the IT industry in next years. Businesses using these technologies to automate tasks and improve decision-making, will benefit from early adoption of these technologies. AI-infused Microsoft 365 can help amplify employee skills, foster teamwork, uncover hidden insights to improve decisions, and proactively manage threats to protect business and personal data.

Innovation is the key to achieve more

Use intelligent technology to organize meetings based on attendees, time and availability

Record, store and transcript your meetings and use search to find action items in them

Use speech recognition and stay productive in every situation

Use enhanced text editing features such as tone suggestion, conciseness, and summarization

Create AI base images for your documents and presentations

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and focus your business growth

And there is more Microsoft 365 can offer!

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