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Unified Endpoint Management

We speak major UEM solution languages

Solutions that allows users secure access to corporate data and applications from a variety of mobile devices and be more productive and efficient. As certified Microsoft and Samsung partner we are ready to offer you best available solution for your needs and combine them into unique service.

Strong experience

Managing tenants with more than 250.000 devices

Qualified team

Team of professionals able to help all sizes of businesses

Knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge in unique UEM Academy

Tool agnostic

No relying on one tool, always picking the best fit

Please check service offerings below for typical request we are able to fulfill

Device lifecycle management

Let us manage the entire life of a device, from acquisition to secure disposal. We will care about tracking the device, ensuring software updates and latest available software packages are installed. Our goal is to make sure the device is running optimally throughout its life and to make sure it is securely disposed when it is no longer needed. Let us help you to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and increase data security.

Device life cycle management

Device purchase and delivery process

Adding the device to your UEM platform

Comprehensive device inventory and user assignment

Warranty management and support

Disposal services

Bring Your Own Device

Don’t be afraid of employees personal devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices they may use to access your company data. Take it to advantage as it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain IT equipment. Allow them use their own familiar, preferred devices to access their work-related resources. We will help you setup the right processes to support and secure BYOD mode in your company.

Bring Your Own Device

Save cost by eliminating HW purchases

Enable remote work even if your employees don´t have company device with them

Stay secure and compliant even when your employees are using their own devices

Gain visibility and make shadow IT to regular IT

Nearly no interruption to business as usual processes

Windows Automated Deployment

Leveraging standard Microsoft Windows feature – Windows Autopilot – we are able set up, configure, and deploy new Windows devices for your organization. Our service don’t need infield IT professionals or users to manually configure each device. Cut cost for device provisioning with our unique service.

Windows Automated Deployment

Out of the box ready devices

End user friendly enrollment and usage

Simplified break fix and lifecycle management

Rapid deployment of new devices

Comply with most strict industry standards and government regulations

Keep your devices secure and updated

Kiosk mode for retail or production plants

Turn your customer facing devices to securely locked down devices with single application. Prevents customers from accessing any other apps or settings, and also prevents any accidental changes to the device settings. If the device is facing customer in places like shops, airports, and other areas where people may need temporary access to information or services without the risk of tampering with the device just call us.

Kiosk devices

Secure devices with unified management and configuration

Business agility improved without need of installation from scratch after configuration change

Faster devices with no additional SW installed

Less support tickets and compatibility issues

Ship single purpose devices to your customers preconfigured with your SW

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