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Business Consulting

We know how to hit the sky with you organization project and process management initiatives, as our team proved to be able to help organizations and public entities tackle their most alarming questions.

As we walk the talk – our team is used to exercise this proficiency in our own working environment, so that it is inclusive and sustainable.

Let’s make it happen

Give us a chance to prove that in collaboration we can make your organization fly as well.

Operate as One team

Introduce process-managed organization

How the organization works

Assess, prioritize findings, introduce or enhance processes leading you to setup process-managed organization

Be aware of your limits

Calculate capacity of your team and your outputs

Capacity model

Create a digital twin of your organisation and find out about all hidden costs and resources consumption (people, machines, tools, finances)

Test the impact of change

Simulate your environment and safely test before change


Building virtual version of your working environment where you can safely test your thesis and verify impacts


if possible, make it automatic


Assessment of your business needs and recommendation for automation based on ROI calculation. Scoping for supplier selection

Manage project

Be in control of your change initiatives

Project management

Manage change from idea to operation launch; assess and re-setup running initiatives; mentor your PMO team

Manage process

Keep your performance under control

Process management

Support organization from functional to process driven model. Introduce process management and train for sustainable and continuous improvement

Do you have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!!